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Welcome to She Wants a Tutu!

Forget the Suit She Wants A Tutu

A lot of life has happened since I stopped blogging nearly two years ago.

I stopped blogging because I got tired. The nail polish and beauty blog world started to feel very small and over crowded. It seemed that I would never going to be THE BEST, and that was discouraging (which is silly. Just because I’m not the best doesn’t mean a thing isn’t worth doing, you know?). Blogging as a business is really difficult. I really hated the feeling of competing for product reviews and then writing in sleazy-marketing voice. It was annoying that when I had other things to say and write about, I had to first polish my nails and somehow weave in a related story.

I felt like I lost my authentic voice. I felt like I kind of forgot that I started this whole thing because it was a fun hobby.

I took a nice, long breather. Now that my life has settled down a little bit, I realized that I do have room for hobbies. I miss writing, and I have other interests and ideas. I’m an extremely verbal person, and have always worked my thoughts and feelings out verbally. That’s why I’m constantly calling my friends!

I’m excited to re-launch this space. It’s wide open. I’m not limiting myself to any particular topic. So, welcome to She Wants a Tutu.

If you’re curious about the name of this blog and the whole backstory, you might enjoy reading my about page. A huge special thanks to Amy at Ojai Digital for helping me with the logo of my dreams – you totally get me.

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