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Sugar Spun Nails and Polish Thinner Review

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Well, we made it! our apartment is beautiful, and we have an amazing view of the mountains! We finally have the internet set up, which is a relief (I mean, what did people *do* without the internet???). I’m so glad to be setting up my life – it’s very exciting!

Anyways. Moving is a great impetus to take stock, clear out clutter, and get rid of junk. I thought – hey, maybe I should go through my polish collection! I found a bunch of polishes that were totally goopified – you know what, I’m talking about, right? Sometimes, near the end of a polish’s life, it gets really thick and goopy, and really hard to use. I purchased some nail polish thinner because I can’t bear with the idea of throwing away any of my preciouses. More on that, later.

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun


These were the worst offenders. You can see that I’ve got some too thick Sations, China Glaze (just one), Essie, a Butter London, and even a few indies (Cirque and a Lime Crime).

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun

Ok, this is what I mean when I say that my polishes were goopy. Usually, if you pulled the brush out of a bottle of polish, any polish on the brush would just drip down back into the bottle (or the table, or whatever). I tried tipping this bottle upside down, and NOTHING came out! Crazy. Anyways, it came to me that stringy polish is just what you need for sugar spun nails. I checked out this tutorial by Nailasaurus, and instead of waiting for my polish to thicken, I just used the strings straight out of the bottle.

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun

I started with a coat of Sally Hansen Black Out, and protected my fingers with Liquid Palisade. Then I layered on goopy strings of polish – Sation Tardy Tart and Blue Sky’s the Limit and Sally Hansen Fairy Teal. I pealed off the Liquid Palisade, and still had to clean up with a little acetone. And voila! The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun

I think it was really striking with the black base coat. This was fun, and way messy! Although it looked pretty good by the time I took pictures, this took FOREVER to dry (maybe my strings were just too thick) and I woke up this morning with mushy nails. It’s a little weird.  So, I’d say this was fun, but maybe not an every day kind of manicure.

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun

So, let’s get back to the goopy/dried up polishes. The Glitters were the worst. I just thought this was absurd. You can see the hole in the center of some dried up glitter where the brush fit. That glitter, though, is one solid mess.

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun

I bought this Beauty Secrets Nail Polish Thinner on for $4.29 Amazon. Apparently, adding regular acetone to nail polish disrupts the structure of the polish (?), but nail polish thinner is supposed to keep your polish in tact, just make it thinner. This stuff did the trick for the most part – the instructions say to add a few drops to the nail polish bottle and then shake. I found that I needed to add much more that just a few drops in order to restore the consistency to most of my too-thick nail polishes.  This product did just what it claimed it would, and most of my beloveds are back in the drawer, awaiting to become part of some gorgeous manicure, at a consistency that is neither too watery nor too goopy. However, there were a few that were just beyond hope. I’ll pay tribute to them here: goodbye glitters! You will be missed. The Dalai Lama's Nails: Sugar Spun

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  • Love this color combination!

  • Beautiful color combo on that mani, girl! I swear by that polish thinner. It’s saved me a lot of pretties haha 🙂

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  • Keri

    I’ve seen glitters like that rescued with thinner… the person just filled up the whole bottle with thinner and left it for a bit and over the rest of the day/week they were able to shake it back to life.
    But maybe that one with the hole in it is a little too far gone!

    • I tried that with some of them, and then kind of just gave up! Maybe next time I’ll have a little more patience, lol!

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  • April Elliott-Gevedon

    I too have this same thinner, & always wondered if I were the only one who seemed to need much more than just a few drops lol. Glad to see it isn’t just me!