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Splatter Mani

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You know, I think I like doing my nails as much as I like the finished product. It’s so fun and relaxing, and I can be so creative! For today’s mani, I channeled my inner 6 year old. I saw this splatter mani over at Chalkboard Nails (which is a really amazing blog – her nails always look so flawless!), and knew I had to give it a try. I love the bright colors and the silly beauty of it! To do a splatter manicure, all you need is a straw and a little love. And polish. And q-tips.

This was really fun to do. I think that when I try this again, I’ll have to be more careful in controlling the size of the splatter – this is pretty thick, and I had to use a lot of top coat to even out the layers. Still, I think it’s really pretty, and I like the color combo a lot.

Here’s my color combo:

  • Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Thinking of Blue – base coat. You can’t seem much of it anymore!
  • Wet n Wiled Spoiled Correction Tape
  • Revlon Top Speed Vintage
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Green with Envy

Something to note: this is a really messy manicure. You should prep your work area with a protective layer of paper towel in order to prevent nail polish stains everywhere! Some people recommend taping off their nails before doing this (that literally means using tape around your nails to help clean up all the mis-splattered polish that’s left on your fingers), but ever since I first tried water marbling I’ve been using chapstick. You literally just wipe all the extra gunk away.

After applying your base coat, you dip your straw into the first bottle of polish. I had to play around with this – too much polish on the end of the straw and you get big unwieldy blobs, and too little polish and the splatter won’t work. I would recommend testing on some paper first. When you blow through the straw, it’s really important to use big, quick breaths – like a shot of air. That really helps to get the splatter going! Then layer the next color. Let everything settle and dry, and finish with lots of top coat to even it all out.

This was really hard to photograph – it is so damn shiny. And I swear it doesn’t look this goopy in real life…


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