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Sister Time

Posted on 2

Hi everybody! Just a quick post tonight (I’m watching the Sate of the Union as I type) because I haven’t posted in a few days and I have a little backlog building up!

20130212-214013.jpg I did this manicure for my sister, who was visiting recently. We went to my dad’s house to watch the Suer Bowl, and my sister asked for a classy manicure for her first day of her fancy new job! She wanted something interesting, but not too loud. I think maybe I didn’t use enough topcoat, because she said the tape started peeling off pretty quickly. I’ll have to experiment with this a little more (MOAR TOPCOAT).

20130212-214216.jpg Here she is holding the pithy little saying on a tea bag (good modeling, Dena!). For this manicure, I used three costs of Essie Chinchilly. Then I cut pieces of striping tape to size and placed them in parallel stripes. I topped it all off with Color Club topcoat.

20130212-214508.jpg This is just because she’s a cutie patootie and I love her.

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  • sister

    that is one mighty fine manicure. and one mighty fine sister