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Purple Tribal

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I am so excited for my inaugural post! Woohoo! As many of you know, I have been delving into nail art – and I must say, I have sported some pretty awesome manicures! I’m really excited to learn more – there are some amazing designs and techniques, and I’m pretty sure this is just the tip of the ice berg. So, I’ve decided to teach myself. Here’s some more information about my thinking about this blog, in case you’re confused and thinking, “the dalai who? nails? What?” (which you probably are, because it’s not an intuitive kind of thing.).

To get things started off, here’s a manicure I worked on this evening while J. watched football.

I was really inspired by this WAH design – I love the pattern, and I’ve never done anything as intricate as this before. I went to Sally Beauty today and bought some striping brushes and dotting tools (as well as a few pretty polishes I’ve had my eyes on! I can’t wait to try them out – sadly, some of them did not make this design). Basically, I was so excited about all my new goodies that I tried to incorporate everything I could (hence the accent rhinestones on my ring finger!). Here’s what I used:

These are stripers, a dotting tool, and a tool to pick up those tricky little gem stones. Basically, most nail polishes come with those thick brushes that makes precise application really difficult. Stripers are finer bristled brushes meant for precision work. Dotting tools are pretty much a little metal ball attached to the end of a handle. When you put polish on the metal ball, it is very easy to make dots. These come in different sizes, but Sally only had this tiny one. I think I may order different sizes online.

For polishes, I used the Seche Clear base coat. My base was Revlon Fast Dry in Lily, and the accent colors were Revlon Fast Dry Sugar Plum, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Black Out, Orly Rage, and Seche Vite top coat. I’ve just started using Seche Vite, and it’s awesome! It makes everything dry really fast, and keeps your colors from chipping. I’m really into it!

I started with my base, and then tried to experiment with all my brushes to get a feel for how precise I could be. It’s really hard! For my first try, I think I did alright! I think that with practice my lines will get more even (and even finer!) – and I was surprised that my right hand actually came out ok! Here are some more shots of my process:

I finished by trying to clean up around my cuticles with some nail polish remover, and then used Seche Vite to stick some rhinestones on. I love the colors!

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