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Playing catch up

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I haven’t posted a few of my recent manicures. So this post will have a bunch of pictures! Get ready…

I recently redeemed some points from my Amazon credit card, and got some new nail supplies – I’ve been dying to use them all, but I think I got too many too fast! I got the Bundle Monster plate collection to stamp more pretty images (I only had a few Konad plates, and I really wanted more options!). I also got more dotting tools in different sizes – just think, BIG dots and LITTLE dots… so many dots! I got Essie’s Matte About You, which I have been really excited to try out. Basically, most nail polish is really shiny, and matte polish is a finish you can apply to make any nail polish that is ordinarily shiny into a matte polish. There are so many things I want to try with this, including one color french manicures. Also, for some reason nail polish at CVS has been 70% off, and when polish is only $1 or $2, well, I just can’t resist.

I wore this manicure last week – I was so excited about the new stamping plates AND tiny brushes that I kind of went to town. I wasn’t super wild about this look, though it kind of grew on me a little. I think with some editing (say, only 1 accent color) this could be really pretty. As is, it’s kind of over the top. I was also testing out my Matte About You, which is why the index finger looks different. Something I do need is better polish remover. I was using pure acetone before, which can’t be good for you, though it did get the job done better than this stuff!

Ok, onto manicure #2. I apologize for the messiness here, blame it on the non-acetone remover.

So, first I did polka dots. Pretty! Then I taped off half my nail to do the solid navy blue color. And then I worked my matte magic. And then I used a striper and some silver glitter polish. Oh, and I discovered that when you put matte polish on top of glitter, it looks AWESOME (that’s the accent ring finger, though it’s kind of hard to tell). Man, these close ups are a killer!

Manicure #3. Apparently matte chips super easily, so I did another manicure today. It was super fast, but basically I sort of just went all out and did tons of different stuff. I know, it’s crazy. I think that in the polish world this is known as skittles. So, I present, my first skittle manicure! It has dots, rhinestones, stamping, lots of colors, glitter, and matte. Yes. YES!

I love this. I think any one of these would be great to use as a manicure for all my fingers! I’m particularly digging the zebra print. So cool.



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