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My new favorite manicure – Neon Skittles

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Ok. I said this about the last manicure, but this is my new favorite favorite ever manicure. Ever. I seriously love this! I saw this manicure on the WAH blog, and knew I had to do it. I learned some things along the way – my yellow was not pigmented enough to layer on top of other colors – and I got to work on my brush skills some more. LOVE THIS!

I love these so much that I think they deserve full-size picture representation!


What do you think about the mix and match style? Love it? Or do you prefer something more classic?

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I am so in love with this manicure – I think it is among the best I have ever done! I love it so much that I’ve decided to make it the header of my blog. It’s seriously amazing! I was inspired by the tutorial by Chalkboard Nails – check it out here. I’ve been really inspired to try more freehand manicures lately, so you’ll see some more coming to a blog near you. On to the pictures!

Unfortunately my accent nail got a little smudged when I put on the topcoat, but I still dig it. I used some new colors (new to me, anyways): Revlon Marmalade, Gosh Wild Lilac, Maybelline Bold Gold, and Milani Nail Art striper. I have to say that this is a total win for drug store nail polish brands! I know lots of bloggers buy fancy indie polishes or fancier brands, but I have been majorly impressed with what you can do with some plain old CVS brands.

I think that next time I will try to make the lines more curvy. Otherwise, I love this look!

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My First Ruffian

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A ruffian manicure is basically a reverse french manicure – it follows the lines of the base of the fingernail. It was designed specifically for a fashion showThey’ve been around for a while, but I’ve been so focused on stamping that I haven’t tried a lot of these funky freehand deals. I did a really awesome striped/Aztec manicure but forgot to take pictures. Oops – I’ll do better next time! I also have some new freehand tools on their way (come on Amazon!!) that I am really excited to try out. Gotta practice those lines!

Anyways, I’ve seen a lot of ruffians done with a foil underneath. I tried Revlon’s Ice (by the way, I bought one of their cute two sided nail art duos, and the white crackle it came with totally stinks. Ice is nice, though! It’s silvery blue, or bluey silver) and topped it with my favorite China Glaze Shower Together. I used a little rhinestone, too (they were feeling neglected) but applied it kind of crooked!

I’m feeling kind of silly – part of the reason I didn’t post before was because I trimmed my nails too short! Oh, vanity!

Have you worn a ruffian manicure? Do you like the look?

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Polish Storage Solution and Hello There!

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I wore the same manicure for a week. I know, crazy! Things got really busy for me at work and in life in general, and I didn’t really have much time for nails and blog posting.

I did make some important purchases, however. I got some storage solutions for my ever expanding nail polish collection! It was kind of a mess before – I had one of those plastic sets of drawers, and the polish was too heavy and you couldn’t open the drawers, so I ended up just leaving polish everywhere. I also was lacking a way to organize all my tools. I have nail art tools that need a home!

Storage solution #1: Caboodle.

Apparently they still make Caboodles – I had a pink and purple plastic one in the late 80s. This one is kind of fancy, and it’s all silvery and has hinges! Anyways, this is where I’ve decided to keep my tools: base and top coats, files, nippers, brushes, nail art pens, stamping plates and polishes, make up sponges, nail polish remover – everything besides the actual polish (I mean, expect for stamping polish). I need a better way to store my stamping plates now – it’s kind of hard to look through to find the designs I want. I think they make baseball card binders that may just do the trick!

Storage solution #2: Helmer

I read about this one on the internet. The Helmer is basically a filing cabinet from Ikea. It’s amazing – the drawers are the right heigh for polish! And since it’s metal, it can hold the weight of many, many polishes! Right now, my polishes are sorted generally by color. It’s amazing! I can find what I’m looking for! Want a blue polish? Well, just open the blue/green drawer and voila!

So, that’s my set up! Pretty fancy, eh?

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Magnetic Polish

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I was so excited to see Sally Hansen’s magnet polish in CVS the other day. I generally love Sally Hansen (because no, I am not a polish snob), and I also REALLY love magnetic polish. Plus, the price tag on Sally Hansen brand polish is way better than some of the other magnetic polishes I’ve seen out there (Nails Inc, I’m talking about you). Anyways, I love everything about this – the application, the color, the magnet! It’s awesome. I love the look. This color is called Ionic Indigo (because it’s magnetic! Oh Sally, you are so clever).

Am I right? Look at that color! So pretty 🙂 The accent nail is a Nails Inc magnetic polish called House of Parliament. Love this!

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Lizard Nails!

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The intention here was not to look lizard-like – but the green and yellow combos with the circles just kind of reminds me of a lizard. The teal is a Sally Hansen, called Fairy Teal – which I was at one point obsessed with but haven’t used in a while! The yellow is Konad special stamping polish, and for the accent nail I used a dotting tool and Finger Paints Laugh My Art Off to fill in the circles a little bit. This is another Cheeky stamping plate! I am seriously pleased with this manicure – I think my stamping is improving (and my cuticles are lookin’ better too, if I do say so myself).

I REALLY love how this one turned out. Later in the week I ended up keeping the accent nail and simplifying everything else with Laugh My Art Off – because who doesn’t like blue sparkels! But I forgot to take a picture of it (oops).

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Houndstooth is so darn classy, don’t you think? I don’t know why, but I really love the houndstooth look. Classiness seems to be a recurring theme of this blog (I love me a mix of class and tack, what can I say?). This image is from the Cheeky set, which I seriously cannot say enough good things about. It’s fantastic and amazing, and I love almost all of the images! The polish is a random little guy I bought at Walgreens – it’s a Petites and it’s called Midnight Frost – it has flecks of silver in a black base. I used white special Konad polish to stamp. I think it may be time for a new bottle of the white stamping polish – I have used almost every drop!

Sorry for the chips – I wore this for a few days and totally forgot to take pictures. I liked it enough to post, anyways, though!

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My First Laser Tape Mani

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I have seen some really amazing laser tape manis around on the internet! I really loved this one, so I thought I would give it a try. There are some pretty cool things you can do with tape! After the base color is totally dry, you put down some tape, paint some polish on top, and when you lift the tape off you’re left with a cool relief pattern. For this mani I used Orly Passion Fruit – and I think the black was a Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. Yep.

I ended up just doing an accent nail because it was really detailed work. Also, this picture makes the polish look very orange, but it’s actually really pink. I think this was a fairly successful first attempt – I’m excited to try this again with maybe a less detailed design!

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Bow Tips

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I think this might be one of my favorite manicures of all time. Really really. It smudged a little bit, and you can see how the thumb stamped kind of squiggly, but – OH MY GOODNESS, how cute are these bows??? I love them! I saw a really fantastic manicure (maybe on Pinterest?), where the bows were used as a kind of separation between a solid color and an animal print. I really want to try that – seems so cool! I also like the pastel spring colors look – though I have to say I’ve also been getting into neons, too!

What do you think of these bows? How cute are they?!

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Blue Gradient and Stamping

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I love gradients! I tried a new method, where instead of sponging on each color individually, you paint the colors onto a sponge and then press it on your nail all in one go. I couldn’t leave it alone, so I stamped on top of that after! I am seriously loving my new Cheeky plates – the images are so pretty! I used a few different blues (can’t remember which….) and topped it off with an Essie flakie.

I like the layered look! I think the stamping came out well, too – clear, solid lines. I’m getting better!

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