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Posted on 7

YES! This is a muppets inspired manicure. Are you ready? ARE YOU READY? This manicure is my submission to the Nail Art 101 contest – to create a manicure inspired by a music video – check out my submission (and vote, if you like it!). There are going to be, like, a bazillion pictures in this post – so buckle your seatbelt.

YES! ahhhhhh! I can’t handle it, it’s too amazing. I seriously love this!

Right? I have no words. Except. MA NA MA NA.

From this angle, the thumb is just a disembodied… a headless body!

*tear* I am just. so. proud! Oh, the left hand is way simpler, but really pretty. I did a purple-pink-white gradient that looks like the background of the video:

I actually think that this is the smoothest looking gradient I have ever done. Cleanup was hard – maybe because the dark part of the gradient is at the bottom?

I think I would do this again – on both hands!

So – what do you think? I will leave you with this:

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  • Amazing gradient nails, something I have yet to master!! 🙂

    • hannah

      Thanks! I used a makeup sponge and painted directly on it. I think this is the best gradient I’ve ever done!

  • Wow! Nicely done! That is one adorable manicure!!

    • hannah

      Thanks 🙂

  • this is amazing!! i love it!

  • Elena

    What colors did you use for the gradient?

    • hannah

      The base is OPI Alpine Snow. I painted Alpine Snow, Essie Cascade, and Illamasqua Jo’mina onto a makeup sponge for the gradient.