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Makeup and Outfit of the Day: Summer Fabulous

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This is what I look like when I wink...
She's a brick... house...
That time I tried to be artsy and posed with some vines

Sometimes I get sucked into the consumerism that often seems to come with blogging. It makes sense – if you want to monetize your blog, you gotta hustle and sell! But that’s not why I started blogging; my interest came from a place of fun. I fell into a hobby and I wanted to share it. That’s what I want to get back to, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it without sounding sales-pitchy.

We can love makeup, hair, nails, and fashion without constantly needing to get new and better stuff. I fall into that trap a lot; I want stuff, I love stuff, I seem to love spending money. It’s materialism without the simple enjoyment of just looking fabulous. The truth is that I already have a lot of awesome wardrobe pieces and makeup that I really enjoy. You might ask why I care about makeup and nails and fashion if don’t like the feeling of consumerism, or why I would bother blogging about it if I don’ want to market it. It’s easy, really. For me, spending time on myself and applying fierce makeup is a radical act of loving myself.

I’ve been told all my life that I’m too fat to wear tank tops. That eye makeup is for people who don’t wear glasses. A million things that I’m not supposed to do, or I am supposed to do, and it’s all based on an industry that promotes a certain body type. Frankly, I stopped caring. I feel glamorous as hell when I wear blue eyeliner. Highlight on my cheeks makes me feel like a unicorn. Summertime is hot, and I don’t want to wear a cardigan, and also I don’t care if you think my arms are fat. My arms ARE fat.

When I was a kid and told my mom I wanted to be the Queen of the World, I probably meant it literally; but I feel majestic AF these days. In this world, it feels like a radical act to be proud of myself.

So. In conclusion, I am a glowing babe who wears tank tops. I’m fabulous.

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  • I like the look! Its perfect for Summer.