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How to Jazz Up a Simple Mani in 15 Minutes

How to spice up a mani in 15 minutes

A lot of the nail art that I feature on this blog is intricate and time consuming. I love that kind of art – but let’s be honest, sometimes I just don’t have enough time to create something so detailed. The thing is, I really hate to leave the house with a plain color, or worse – naked nails! Especially since I’m known for my nail art — people seem let down if I don’t have a good design. I feel funny without my signature nail art. So what’s a girl who loves intricate nail art but doesn’t have a lot of time to do? Master some simple ways to spice up a plain look in 15 minutes and head out the door!

Spice Up Your Mani!Here are my secret tips to spicing up a boring mani. It’s very simple – I hope you can handle how simple it is! First, add some glitter nails. Second, add some polka dots. Third, add some stripes or lines. Throw on some top coat and call it a day, with your sassy mani! In all honesty, the real key to adding a little interest to an otherwise boring mani is to mix and match. Even if the elements of your mix and match are simple, it really adds some visual interest. I find that dots are particularly effective, especially if you’re short on time!

How to spice up a mani in 15 minutes

I applied two coats of Essie Leading Lady on my ring and pinky fingers, and one layer of Seche Vite. On my other fingers, I applied two coats of Essie Size Matters. With a dotting tool, I added rows of polka dots with Zoya Purity. I used an It’s So Easy Striper to create some line designs on my index finger and thumb, and then added top coat to smooth everything out.

How to spice up a mani in 15 minutesHow do you spice up an otherwise simple mani?

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  • great tips! love this 🙂

  • Awesome tips, lady! 🙂 My go to for spiced up manicure is dots! So easy and quick and they look great. 🙂

  • What great tips on spicing up a manicure. You have some perfect dots and stripes here too. I always love adding a sparkly glitter accent to jazz up my manicures.

  • Glitter is my fav way to make manicure more interesting!

  • Steven

    Hey daughter #1, What makes this so cool is I never know what you are going to do next!!!! I especially liked the Zorro nail. What an honor.

  • Great tips. Dots are my go-to ‘in a rush but can’t leave my nails plain’ mani! I love the colour as well!

  • bettysbeautybombs

    Great post! Your comment from your dad made my day. 🙂