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How to Polish Your Nails (without getting it everywhere): Video Tutorial

One of the questions I am most often asked by my adoring fans (hehe, as if!) is, “how do you polish your nails without getting the nail polish everywhere?” This can be tough to master at first, especially when you want to polish your dominant hand – it can be really tricky to use your non-dominant hand! My first answer to this question is simple: practice. The more you practice, the steadier and more even your application will become. Also, I always rest the hand that’s doing the polishing on the desk or table. I find it will give you a little more leverage and reduce and shaking. I made a little video tutorial that shows what techniques I use to help keep the polish inside the lines. Check it out to see how to polish yourΒ nails neatly.

Would you like to see more videos? I have a few on YouTube and more planned – don’t forget to subscribe!

Here’s the gist of my advice:

  • Wipe off excess polish from the brush so that it doesn’t drip everywhere as you try to polish
  • Use the polish on the brush to create a small bead at the end of the brush. Place the brush on your nail and gently press towards your cuticle, before pulling the brush back towards the free edge of the nail
  • Polish your entire nail in 3 main strokes: start in the center, and then do each side
  • “Wrap the tip” – polish the free edge of your nail to seal everything in, preventing chipping
  • Start with a base coat, followed by two coats of color, and finished with a top coat
  • To polish your dominant hand, rest your non-dominant hand on your work surface to get a little more leverage

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! If you like my YouTube videos, let me know what you’d like to see next!

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  • Nice post on it! I’ll watch the video later but I’m sure its an awesome tutorial.

  • Claudia

    Hi “dalailamasnails”, I was introduced to your blog by our girl Dara yesterday. I just watched the tutorial on how to polish nails without making a mess.
    LOVED IT!! Sooo many good hints, sweet voice over, upbeat music and beautiful “I want that” images.
    Would it be possible to synchronize the subtitles so that they don’t chop the sentences as the video plays on? I am more visual and find myself looking for the end or beginning of the sentences.
    Could I also access your other videos on Youtube?
    Thank you!

    • Hi Claudia! So nice to hear from you πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I can’t change the subtitles – I think that’s just how google transcribes everything. Hopefully that’s not too annoying! I have a few other YouTube videos, which you can see by clicking this link to my channel!

  • I agree completely – practice, practice, practice! : ) Mine was kinda forced on me when I broke my leg, but now I stamp without thinking about it – I mean, everybody makes mistakes, but the practice definitely paid off!

    Also, if it’s really a recurring problem for someone, messing up cuticles and getting polish everywhere, I’d say google a good, easy to apply polish – like OPI Purple With a Purpose for example or a-england – it’s so much easier for a beginner if the polish doesn’t pool or drag!

    Great post!