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Happy Halloween!

Posted on 2

So, I wasn’t going to do any special Halloween manicures. To be totally honest – I don’t know, Halloween is cool, I guess, I just haven’t done anything for Halloween in years! But my loyal friends on Facebook, when asked about Halloween manis, replied with a resounding YES.

The true story here is that I tried over and over again to paint a pumpkin. Specifically, the Great Pumpkin from Charlie Brown. But it just would. not. pumpkify. So, here we are with something a little subtler.

The dark blue gradient is supposed to be the night sky. I freehanded a spiderweb on mah jazz finger. The gradient is nice, I think – I used 4 polishes on a sponge: China Glaze Liquid Leather, Essie Midnight Cami, Barielle Sky’s the Limit, and Sation Board Girl Blue. I want to try a gradient with 4 really different colors. These were all in the same color family, so they blended very nicely.

Eh. Not my best work ever. Maybe too subtle for Halloween. I feel like Halloween is supposed to be all bright colors and sexy kittens and whatever. And this is not that!



Cleanup was hard, again – I have got to do a gradient with dark tips instead of the other way around! Also, I seem to have a little booboo on my web finger. Owwie!

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  • How do you do ombre like that? Mine always turn out so patchy when I sponge… 🙁

    • hannah

      What kind of sponge do you use? I paint my nails the lightest color in the gradient, then paint the polishes directly on the sponge before dabbing on my nails. I go over it a few times to smooth it out and saturate the color! I followed a tutorial by Laynie Fingers but there are tons of tutorials on YouTube!