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Green Monochrome Skittles

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When I was in high school, my signature look (if you could call it that) was an entire outfit in one color. My monochomatic wardrobe was something of a running joke! I thought it would be fun to create a manicure in that vein, and thus, this green monochrome manicure was born! I realized I have a bunch of Essie polishes in the same color family, so I picked out 3 that I thought worked particularly well together. And I LOVE Essie! I think it may be my favorite brand.

photo (39)Although my fingers look a little red here (bahhhh), the polish colors look pretty accurate. We have Essie Mint Candy Apple (that’s the lightest green), Mojito Madness, and Going Incognito. I love these colors – they were perfect for a gradient, too. I picked out different styles that I thought might make for a cute skittles (41)To top off my index fingers, I added 2 coats of Sephora by Opi It’s Real 18k Gold Topcoat. Many of my readers know about real gold topcoats… but I can’t believe this is a real thing. It’s so… indulgent and ridiculous – but it’s pretty and it was on sale at Sephora, so I bought it. BUT IT’S REAL PIECES OF GOLD IN A NAIL POLISH. (43)  I also seriously love the baroque manicures I’ve seen lately. It was hard to do this nail on my non dominant hand – but I mostly pulled it off with just the leafy bits. I’d love to do this again as a full manicure. So pretty! Also. I’ve gotten pretty used to wearing my engagement ring, but every time I see it in pictures like this, I just swoon! It’s so prettyyyyyy and I love (38) One final note about cuticles. All these polish blogs I read say don’t cut your cuticles! So I haven’t been, and generally it’s way better than picked at cuticles, for sure. However… they seem really long? And kind of weird? I moisturize a ton and I drink a lot of water, and I haven’t been cutting them! Any advice, from my more experienced polish-aholics? What to do??

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