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Funky French

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I don’t get it! I LOVED yesterday’s manicure, but in one day it sort of… slipped off. It’s not like it chipped in the usual places. I looked at my hand and all of the sudden an entire nail would be bare. It’s the strangest thing – I wonder if it has to do with the fast dry polish (I did put it on top of a base coat). Has this ever happened to you before?

Anyways. I was not about to walk around town with half of my nails peeled (slipped? I don’t even really know how to describe this) off. So, I did  a new one! I went a little simpler for today’s manicure, but I have to say that I really love it. For the tips, I used N.Y.C Greenwich Village (hello, 75% off at CVS). Then I used a nail art brush and some remover to clean up the edges and make the tips a little neater. I did 2 coats of N.Y.C Love Letters – which was also 75% off at CVS but I had never actually used before (there are a few things in my stash that I’m ashamed to say I’ve never used), and is so awesome! It’s sheer and packed with tons of micro glitter that are pink and purple (and a little green? I can’t tell) in different light. Next I used a dotting tool with Sally Hansen Black Out along the pink tips, and finished the whole thing with a coat of Seche Vite.

I really love this look!


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