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Digital Dozen does Food: Peaches

Today’s Digital Dozen post is special – it’s our diner hop! That’s right – the first every Digital Dozen blog hop! Now, the theme is food, so we all picked something you could get off the menu at a diner.

Fresh Peaches | The Dalai Lama's Nails_I chose fruit. Now, I know that generally you would expect canned fruit at a diner, so maybe this is cheating a little bit. However, in keeping with things that grow in my garden – peaches! This year, my husband and I celebrated our two year wedding anniversary. J loves fresh fruit, especially apples. Originally, I wanted to buy him two apple trees to celebrate two sweet years together. However, I discovered a few things. 1 – fruit trees are expensive. 2 – you need two apple trees in order to pollinate the fruit. So I switched plans, and bought a peach tree as a gift. Peach trees are different than apple trees – you only need one in order to get fruit. Now, our tree started out with fruit on it, but since it’s a a baby tree, the fruit is kind of weird. Oh well! Hopefully it will be delicious in the next few years.


Make sure you check out the inLinkz at the bottom of this post to see the entire menu!Fresh Peaches | The Dalai Lama's Nails

Fresh Peaches | The Dalai Lama's Nails

Fresh Peaches | The Dalai Lama's Nails

I started out with a coat of Essie Kisses and Bises. It’s sheer but has a really pretty shimmer. My camera just refused to pick it up! Then I used JulieG Candy Shoppe polishes to create the peaches. They were perfect for this kind of nail art, since they are kind of sheer. I built up different layers of JulieG Wild Cherry, Candy Shop, and Lemon Drop, and blended them together to look peachy. The branches were done with Jessica Mad for Madison. I used Seche Vite to top coat. Fresh Peaches | The Dalai Lama's NailsBy the way, I tried something different with my backgrounds this week. What do you think? Fun, or distracting?


Hungry? Grab some grub!

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  • So cute!!! The shading on those peaches is perfect. Good luck with your new tree-ling!

  • Having a fruit tree is the BEST! Hopefully the birds don’t eat all your peaches though! 🙂

  • How pretty! I like that the design is over your naked nails too.

  • Your nails look so great! I hope you’ll have yummy good peaches (not baby peaches) next year! 😀

  • I love this mani! It is so adorable!!