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Developing a Quirky Style: Funky Glasses

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Of all the Friends, I’ve always identified most with Phoebe. That may be controversial, but she’s just so kooky, sincere, and fun. [aside: I want to let you know that I have serious problems with the show, most notably that 1) I really hate the whole plot line of “Monica used to be fat and now she’s not and look how hot she is and isn’t it funny that she was such a cow?” 2) Stop making gay jokes. No, seriously, it’s not funny. 3) HOW do they afford these apartments?] Anyways. Back to Phoebe. Phoebe is her own self. She runs like nobody’s watching, and she wears scrunchies, and she looks like everybody’s eccentric, funky aunt. That’s how I want to look. Kooky and fun.

A few years ago, I did a review for a glasses website called Firmoo. I was a tiny bit worried that the prescription in my glasses wouldn’t be right and that maybe I was extra-ruining my vision forever, but lo and behold the glasses are really great quality. My optometrist checked the prescription, and they were accurate! Everybody loved those glasses, I got compliments daily. Sadly, my prescription changed (aging! I shake my fist at you!) and I needed some new glasses. I had a realization: internet glasses are so inexpensive. What if I had a glasses collection? A funky glasses collection?

And that, my friends, is exactly what I did.I bought four pairs of inexpensive glasses from Firmoo, Eye Buy Direct, and Zenni Optical. Oh, and a pair of sunglasses. I’m used to paying hundreds of dollars for one pair of glasses, and for that amount, I bought five pairs. FIVE PAIRS. All you need is a current prescription, and you’re golden. I took a risk by not measuring my face/head/whatever, but some of these sites have guidelines to help you make sure your glasses will actually fit. Mine all did!

Here’s why I like having a quirky style: I look like me. I have an identifiable look that says HANNAH. I like feeling eccentric, unique, and yeah, kind of kooky. If I have to wear glasses, they may as well be funky glasses, you know what I mean?

{Purchased by me}

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  • Some cute glasses those are!