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Nail Vinyls Review and Tutorial

Posted on 3

The Dalai Lama's Nails: Nail Vinyls review and tutorialI recently made a friend on Instagram. Her name isĀ Linda, and when I discovered that she makes and sellsĀ Nail Vinyls, I just knew I had to try them and I purchased some immediately! Usually, when I do chevron nails, I break out my tape …

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Sugar Spun Nails and Polish Thinner Review

Posted on 9

Well, we made it! our apartment is beautiful, and we have an amazing view of the mountains! We finally have the internet set up, which is a relief (I mean, what did people *do* without the internet???). I’m so glad to be setting up my life – it’s very exciting!

Anyways. Moving is …

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Liquid Palisade – gradient tutorial and review

All our stuff is packed up and we are hitting the road! But when your life is all packed up, how are you to do nail art?? Not to worry, I kept out a small selection of polish, and I’ll just have to make do! I love to do gradients when I’m pressed for time …

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