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Zigs and Zags


So, we’re still on the road. Ohhhh boy. I am getting really sick of fast food, let me tell you. Bleh. We did have a great time visiting our friends in Wisconsin, though – so fun! And soon we’ll be at our new apartment, living life in Denver. That’s exciting!

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Liquid Palisade – gradient tutorial and review

All our stuff is packed up and we are hitting the road! But when your life is all packed up, how are you to do nail art?? Not to worry, I kept out a small selection of polish, and I’ll just have to make do! I love to do gradients when I’m pressed for time …

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Racing Scales

So, we’re moving really soon! It’s a big cross-country move. All our stuff is packed up and ready for the movers to come – including my Helmer! I think all the polish is secure. We added TONS of bubble wrap and also used a lot of the shrinky saran wrap stuff. I took out a …

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You know, I can’t quite tell if I like this manicure or not. I think I may have added too much stuff to it! It looks kind of cool, kind of funky, but it’s not exactly precise enough…

The Dalai Lama's Nails: GeometryThis is what happens when I don’t really have a plan! I …

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Purple Skittles

This is another manicure from the vault – good thing I was trying to organize my photos, because I found a bunch of perfectly good manicures that I never shared! Hey now!


This is a pretty simple skittles manicure. I was just playing around and this is what …

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Rainbow Gradient

Posted on 5

I’ve wanted to try a full on rainbow gradient for quite some time. I saw this somewhere (Pinterest, Instagram? Not sure!) and thought I’d give it a whirl! I used a ton of polishes to create this look and had a ton of fun. Bright + sparkles = …

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