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Digital Dozen does Re-creation: Roses

I am BEYOND excited for this week’s Digital Dozen challenge. We are celebrating our Digi-versary by re-creating favorite past Digital Dozen manicures. The ladies of the Digital Dozen are very talented, so this week is an exciting challenge, to be sure!

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Digital Dozen does Food: Peaches

Today’s Digital Dozen post is special – it’s our diner hop! That’s right – the first every Digital Dozen blog hop! Now, the theme is food, so we all picked something you could get off the menu at a diner.

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Digital Dozen does Food: Pole Beans

My garden’s bounty is endless! I planted pole beans around a trellis (it actually kind of looks like a bamboo teepee) –  I had no idea how high the vines would climb! My little trellis is definitely not tall enough, and the bean vines ran out of room and spill over the top. It’s just …

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Digital Dozen does Food: Kale Nail Art

Have I gone too far down the hipster hole? Oh my gosh, I don’t know. I love kale! I know it’s trendy – but it is delicious. And it’s pretty. And it’s growing in my backyard! I think I already told you about how I pick it fresh from the garden for salads. Mmmmm – …

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Digital Dozen does Food: Cute Carrots

Welcome to day 2 of the Digital Dozen! It’s food week, and it’s got me munching on some snacks – that I grew myself! When I first decided to grow veggies in my garden, I had almost no idea how to go about planting things – or how to keep them alive! I did a …

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Digital Dozen does Food: Eggplant Nail Art

I always thought I had a brown thumb – you know, I never was able to keep a plant alive! Poor things, they never stood a chance. I was determined to make the most of our garden in our new house – and now here I am, growing my own food! It’s truly wonderful. Sometimes …

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