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Digit-al Dozen

Digital Dozen does Childhood: Strawberry Patch

I grew up in an old house in the suburbs — the house was actually an historic building. It was built in that late 1600s or early 1700s, and was a part of the underground railroad, with hiding spaces to bring people out of slavery. In the yard, we had a little strawberry patch, and …

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Digital Dozen does Childhood: Bubbles

When I was little, my mom used to make this homemade bubble solution — I think it had detergent in it? Anyways, it made the BIGGEST bubbles. We would make bubbles so big! It was really fun. Except one time, we were blowing bubbles and some bees were attracted to the solution. I got stung …

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Digital Dozen does Childhood: Rocket Ship Nail Art

When you were a little kid, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up? My friend Jenny told me she wanted to be a hamster! My point being, kids dream the wildest dreams. When you’re a kid, anything is in reach, anything seems possible if you just put your mind to …

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Digital Dozen does Childhood: China Glaze Electric Nights

I can’t believe it’s time for another Digital Dozen week! I haven’t been terribly active since the last challenge week (bad blogger! bad, bad, bad!), and I’m hoping this challenge will help get my butt in gear. I have a lot of exciting polishes to show you, coming up soon. Plus, the theme for this …

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Digital Dozen does Nature: Kiara Sky Marble Nail Art

Nature rocks, you guys! I guess I’m just really into rocks, considering that today’s post is about marble and yesterday was about striated rocks in Arizona! To tell you the truth, I was short on time today, and trying to figure out a way to squeeze another nature nail art look in, when I remembered …

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Digital Dozen does Nature: Arizona Nail Art


My friend took a vacation to Arizona this fall. She came back with some of the most stunning photos (especially of Antelope Canyon). A quick Google Image search of Arizona reveals some stunning nature photography! I haven’t been there in years, but I’m thinking maybe a little vacation would be cool, especially …

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