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Shaving Mom’s Wings: Reflections on Hair

Every so often I get an urge. This urge tells me, “try something new!” which usually means do something to my hair, though occasionally this urge manifests as a desire to pierce my ears or try different makeup. I don’t know why I feel this way, sometimes I just want to shake things up! Back …

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I Wear Makeup for Me – Self Love

There are days when I don’t leave my house, other than to pick up the baby from daycare; before Eli was born, there were days I didn’t leave the house at all. Working from home can sometimes feel lonely and isolating. Add to that the early mornings (Eli, seriously, please sleep!), it’s easy to feel …

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Makeup and Outfit of the Day: Summer Fabulous

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Sometimes I get sucked into the consumerism that often seems to come with blogging. It makes sense – if you want to monetize your blog, you gotta hustle and sell! But that’s not why I started blogging; my interest came from a place of fun. I fell into a hobby and I wanted to share …

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