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Adventures at Nail School: Week 22

nail-school-week-22Before I get to my regular nail school update – some news! You may have seen on InstagramTwitter,  or Facebook (where you can follow me, if you don’t already!) – I have some big news. The Dalai Lama’s Nails is featured in the July edition of NAILS Magazine! Want to read the article? You can check it out online here!

And now for our regularly scheduled program!

One of the things I love about attending nail school is the huge amount of exposure to the beauty industry I’ve gained. I have always been somebody who loves art and artistic expression, and I’ve really begun to appreciate personal style and beauty as an extension of that type of creativity. Although I don’t sit in on skin or hair classes, my knowledge and appreciation of both fields has dramatically increased. I think just being around it has been such a learning experience for me! And just the way that I’m a nerd for nail art (new hashtag #nerd4nailart), there are people who feel the same way about hair and makeup. And they can practice on me all they want.

Gelish Nails for CosmoprofAnother aspect of the beauty industry I’ve been introduced to is the idea of trading. In the industry, you get to know all sorts of people, and you start to develop quid-pro-quo relationships with some folks. This in turn continues to increase my respect and general knowledge of skin and hair. So what do I mean by this? I often trade services with ladies at school. Why, just yesterday I had a facial (OMG. I never had facials before attending school, and now I am just in love with them!). Since my friends needed to practice eyebrow tinting, they also got to practice that on me (they look awesome, you guys). And in return, I practiced a spa pedicure on the girl who did my facial. This sort of thing happens all the time, and it’s not just limited to school. At my internship today, we had a few cancellations and my colleague and I found ourselves with a few hours to kill (no walk-ins came by, which was kind of unusual). So we gave each other pedicures! I know of a hairstylist who trades services with an accountant. Hey, it works!

trading servicesWhat would you trade services for?

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  • I don’t even know what I would trade services for. Probably eye brow tinting (you’ve reminded me that I need mine done…my poor eyebrows are so invisible.) or a pedicure in exchange for nail art.

    • I had never had my eyebrows tinted before – it looks really awesome! I never knew they could look so… dramatic!

      • Man, eyebrow tinting on me just makes me look normal. LOL. I love it too because then I don’t spend 5 minutes a day on filling them in.

  • You do my nails and I’ social media for you? Or do some graphics or help with marketing in some way? I love the barter system!

  • Its so cool that you learn about other beauty industry services while your in nail school. It sounds like your learning a lot from others. Awesome that you guys trade services with each other for practice too.

  • This sounds like a cool school!