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Adventures at Nail School Week 6 & 7

weeks 6 and 7 of nail schoolIt sure has been a busy few weeks for me! It seems like the pace has really picked up, and I’ve found myself busier than ever. I’ve been a bit slow with posting lately, mostly because my schedule has been rather demanding. Luckily, though, it’s spring break from nail school next week, so I’m planning on diving back headfirst into creating fun and exciting new content for my faithful readers (*waves hello!*). Plus, I’ll be launching my new and improved blog next week! I’m so excited to share my new layout and design with you all. For today, I’m back with another installment of Adventures at Nail School. Read on to find out where nail school took me the past two weeks!

These past two weeks have been all about practice practice practice! It’s exciting to feel like I have learned the fundamentals; we’ve gone through our textbook and have seen demonstrations of most services (a few exceptions, including learning how to use the electric file, which I will be certified in), and now it is largely about getting in my practical hours. We spent some time last week writing up protocols for each service, so that we can really master each step. It went a long way in helping me feel confident that if a client walked in and said, “I want x, y, and z” that I would know just what to do.

We had an event at school this week, which was really great fun! It was an open house, and provided friends and family with the opportunity to come check out the school and see what the students are learning about. There were stations set up around the school, where visitors could come get mini-services, including a hand massage and accent nail (offered by me!) or a makeup or hair re-touch. I got a hair style, which was so fun! Here’s me on the big day:

open-house-nailsI created a few nail wheels with easy to create designs that I offered as accents. Flowers and polkadots seemed to be the most popular – I did so many roses!



open-house-nailsBesides the event, I also learned a lot about working with clients. Lately, I’ve had the opportunity to do services for real clients, and interacting with them has been interesting and a learning lesson.

  • Kids: I had never really done kid manicures before, and its much harder than I thought. This is for 2 main reasons. First, little kids cannot sit still. They want to see what you’re doing, and angle their hands in funny ways, so they can get a glimpse. Second, their nails are so tiny! I did 3 kid manicures this week, ranging in ages 5 – 10, and they all had teeny tiny nails. It was tricky!
  • Pedicures: This isn’t a type of client (obviously!), but people are very funny about their feet, and doing pedicures is surprisingly intimate. Some people come in with smooth, cared for feet, and some people come in with…. situations. When people have a lot of problem areas, you need to be sensitive and caring.
  • Clients who want to help: This is super annoying. Please just sit back and let me do my job. It’s fine for you to point out an area I missed or something you’d like me to pay attention to, but OH MY GOSH you need to loosen your control for a minute.
  • Gratuity: At first I felt really weird about accepting tips, but now it really makes me feel like you enjoyed your mani/pedi/whatever. I always tip, but I hadn’t really considered that it’s kind of an emotional thing, a symbol that says, “thank you so much, I loved it!”

I’ll leave you with one more picture. This is a manicure I did for a 10 year old (10 or 11…) – she was great, and sat very patiently through the whole thing. She picked the colors and designs, and I think it came out great! She tipped me, and it was super cute.



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  • That 10 year old has great nails! 🙂 I never even thought of tipping being an emotional thing, to be honest. But it’s neat to hear you say that it can be that kind of experience for the person you’re tipping. I’m so glad you’re having fun doing the practical things that a nail tech does!

    • I know, it’s kind of funny to think about it that way – but it really makes me feel good to know that somebody liked the service I provided enough to tip. Especially since it’s at school, where the expectation is that they’re helping me learn. It’s a nice feeling!

  • Great job on the kid’s nails! I know first hand how wiggly they can be from face painting, lol. One thing you might could do with the especially little ones is to tell them to be super still and to not look, or else your “magic powers” won’t work (and at the end splash some glitter on their nails or something). They loooove to pretend, and if you turn something they aren’t naturally able to do (such as sit still) into a game, they are a million times more likely to do what you want them to do. Also, model what you want them to do. It may seem silly, but it’s pretty important for them to be able to comprehend what you are asking of them. These are somethings that really help me out in the classroom. You could also tell them to pretend that their hands are glued to the table. Sorry if I’m being bossy, lol–I just like to help and give suggestions. But you seriously did beautifully on that little girl’s nails. 🙂

  • Sounds like an exciting week for you! That 10 year old girl sounded so cute and sweet!

  • Awesome post – love your blog!

  • bettysbeautybombs

    It sounds like you’re almost done! How many total weeks are there?

    • Well, it’s a 600 hour program. I actually have a lot left – and if you saw my acrylics you’d understand that I have a LOT of practicing to do, lol!

  • Sounds fun, accent nail girl!

  • Feet are the worst. Although you never know what to expect, at least with hands as they’re out all day, they seem to be better cared for. I once turned up to do a pedi for a woman who admitted it had probably been a good six months since she last had her toenails filed/trimmed. It was gnarly!

    • oh my goodness, 6 months!!!! Yikes! It just seems like there’s more funky stuff with feet – misshapen toenails, ingrown nails, calluses, dirt dirt dirt, you name it!

  • great article as always 🙂

  • The thought has passed through my mind a few times about going to nail school so I so appreciate your posts about your journey through it.