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Terrariums: Plants that are Pretty and You Won’t Kill

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I love lamp plants. Homes with plants in every nook and cranny always seem so vibrant and bright; you know those houses where there’s a giant fern in the corner, and orchids on the counter, and herbs growing in a box by the window? I want. However, I always thought this dream was an impossibility. You see, I am an indoor plant killer. It’s mostly because I am inconsistent and forgetful, and I don’t water enough or then I water too much because I get excited, or I put plants in direct sunlight and they burn up. Plus, my lovely husband melts in sunlight. Maybe that’s not exactly fair, but bright light gives him migraines. Anyways, I have never successfully cultivated the kind of house plant ecosystem that I crave.

Enter succulents.

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Developing a Quirky Style: Funky Glasses

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Of all the Friends, I’ve always identified most with Phoebe. That may be controversial, but she’s just so kooky, sincere, and fun. [aside: I want to let you know that I have serious problems with the show, most notably that 1) I really hate the whole plot line of “Monica used to be fat and now she’s not and look how hot she is and isn’t it funny that she was such a cow?” 2) Stop making gay jokes. No, seriously, it’s not funny. 3) HOW do they afford these apartments?] Anyways. Back to Phoebe. Phoebe is her own self. She runs like nobody’s watching, and she wears scrunchies, and she looks like everybody’s eccentric, funky aunt. That’s how I want to look. Kooky and fun.

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Art Project: Acrylic Paint Pouring

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Sometimes I feel like I missed my calling as an artist. I have always made lots of art and I love crafting like it’s nobody’s business. The thrill of deciding on a new project, experimenting and trying to figure it out, and working on it can feel addictive. In high school I went through a lot of crafting phases, and I remember staying up to watch Saturday Night Live while I tried to finish various projects (beading was big for me, and crochet).

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Makeup and Outfit of the Day: Summer Fabulous

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This is what I look like when I wink...
She's a brick... house...
That time I tried to be artsy and posed with some vines

Sometimes I get sucked into the consumerism that often seems to come with blogging. It makes sense – if you want to monetize your blog, you gotta hustle and sell! But that’s not why I started blogging; my interest came from a place of fun. I fell into a hobby and I wanted to share it. That’s what I want to get back to, but I’m not exactly sure how to do it without sounding sales-pitchy.

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Welcome to She Wants a Tutu!

Forget the Suit She Wants A Tutu

A lot of life has happened since I stopped blogging nearly two years ago.

I stopped blogging because I got tired. The nail polish and beauty blog world started to feel very small and over crowded. It seemed that I would never going to be THE BEST, and that was discouraging (which is silly. Just because I’m not the best doesn’t mean a thing isn’t worth doing, you know?). Blogging as a business is really difficult. I really hated the feeling of competing for product reviews and then writing in sleazy-marketing voice. It was annoying that when I had other things to say and write about, I had to first polish my nails and somehow weave in a related story.

I felt like I lost my authentic voice. I felt like I kind of forgot that I started this whole thing because it was a fun hobby.

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Changes are Coming!

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Hi friends. It’s been a little while… ok, it’s been nearly two years. Just wanted to let you know that I’m updating ye olde blogge. It was brought to my attention that I accidentally emailed my subscribers A LOT yesterday. I’m so sorry about that. I hope you’ll stick around, because I’ve got some big plans.


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Digital Dozen does Pinterest: Distressed Herringbone

When the Digital Dozen celebrated its members in the challenge where we recreated each other’s nail art, I saw and pinned a look by Lady Maid Nails that I thought was just too freaking cool. I really loved the stamp she used – it’s herringbone, but the lines aren’t as even and deathly straight as most herringbone patterns. Plus, she paired it with this cool distressed look underneath. I wanted to make this look fall-y, and so I opted for a solid background. But looking at her original version makes me wish I kept the distressed background, too!

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Digital Dozen does Pinterest: Fall Floral

Earlier this year, Peachy Polish did a whole mess of nail art inspired by fashion worn at the Emmy Awards. I do not know how she does it – she cranks out these GORGEOUS looks, and so quickly! I pinned several of her fashion inspired looks, and decided to do my spin on Peachy Polish’s look, which was in turn inspired by Tituss Burgess’s floral bowtie. I mean, how’s that for Pinspiration?! It seems like the perfect fall floral combination – which I love!

I absolutely loved her original post, but decided that I should probably add some studs. When in doubt… add stuff!

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Digital Dozen does Pinterest: Project Runway Nail Art

You guys. Ashley Nell Tipton won Project Runway. First of all, I should say that I am obsessed with Project Runway. Now that we got that out of the way – OMG. It’s freaking awesome that she won. She’s a plus size designer – which means that she’s designing FOR ME. It is so exciting that somebody who designs for people who look like me has won national media recognition. I can’t even tell you how excited I am. I will be the first in line to buy anything she produces.

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